Frequent mistakes while writing master’s, bachelor’s and engineering theses

Writing diploma theses is a real nightmare for many students. In the article below we will present frequent errors that appear during the creation of bachelor’s, master’s and engineering theses. It is well known that it is better to learn from other people’s mistakes than your own.

A common mistake made by students is choosing the wrong topic. First of all, the topic should be real. In other words, relevant data must be available to be able to describe it in detail in your diploma thesis. Many students take on writing about fascinating things, but then they encounter an obstacle in the form of the lack of relevant data. This is particularly the case for MA thesis in marketing and economics. If the topic is real, it is good that it is also fascinating and related to it interesting career prospects.

A very common mistake is the lack of proper cooperation with a promoter who has enormous knowledge of the methodology of scientific work. The promoter can always indicate the right direction in which it should go. His remarks can be a valuable support for the writer during the creative process. The promoter is also able to assess whether the material created is at the appropriate substantive level or not.

Many students often have many problems with the selection of appropriate literature. It is best to assume that the literature items included in the bibliography can not be older than 10 years. Thanks to such a procedure, you can be sure that the diploma thesis created is in accordance with the current state of knowledge in world science.

Mentality when creating a diploma thesis – the foundation of success.

Many students also have problems with finding the right motivation when creating their diploma thesis. First of all, it must be assumed that writing a thesis requires a systematic and disciplined effort. During the process of creating the scientific text there are always various problems that can be overcome with their hard work and mental efficiency. One should not fall into too much optimism or pessimism. Realism combined with appropriate systematics is the best combination.

In addition, the diploma thesis must be treated as a stage in the struggle for a better tomorrow. It is necessary to build in your mind a picture of a better life in which this diploma thesis will be helpful. The right attitude is the basis of success not only in business, but also in scientific activity.